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River Easkey Guide

The River Easkey is spate river of some 12 miles, which flows out of Lough Easkey, high in the Ox Mountains of Counties Sligo and Mayo. The River flows North, ducking beneath the N59, Sligo to Ballina road at Workhouse Bridge, and on into the sea at the village of Easkey.

River Easkey Sand Hole
The Sand Hole pool on the Easkey.
The upper part of the river above the Workhouse Bridge, ambles though both mountain bog and rough pastureland. Here the Easkey is full of lovely streams and pools, perfect for the fly. Below the bridge the river cuts through a few limestone gorges and some beautiful wooded areas.

River Easkey
River Easkey at the village.
The Easkey is primarily a Salmon River but also gets a decent run of Sea Trout, starting in June. The Grilse run starts from early June and fish continue running right through the end of the season. The river also gets a good few good autumn fish to 15 lb. On the lower part of the river (below Workhouse Bridge) the fishing is free from the Easkey Bridge (in the village) down to the sea. This stretch has some nice pools for both bait and fly fishing. From the Easkey Bridge up to the Workhouse Bridge, is privately managed by the Fortland Fishery. The upper river, above the Workhouse Bridge, is considered free, with access at the discretion of the local landowners.

River Easkey Gorge
One of the Gorges on the Lower Easkey.

Fortland Fishery

The fishery consists of roughly 3 miles of double bank fishing, with 20 named pools. This part of the river used to be very over-grown but around the turn of the millennium it was bought over and completely transformed into a beautiful estate fishery. The fishing is let on 4 beats

Beat 1

This is the first beat above Easkey village and it extends up to Fortland Falls. There are 6 pools on the beat, with perhaps the best known of these being the Laundry Pool and the Sand Hole. This beat fishes really well in the early season and can have fish running in on the tides.

River Easkey Laundry Pool
The Laundry Pool on River Easkey.

Beat 2

Beat 2 starts immediately above Fortland Falls and extends up to the Nursery Pool. The pools here are narrow and many are set between the rocky ledges of the gorge. This beat also has 6 main pools, all of which can be fished from the bank. The Nursery Pool is the main one on this beat and is perhaps the largest holding pool on the fishery. It is also very good for nighttime Sea Trout fishing.

River Easkey Platform Pool
The rocky ledges of the Platform Pool (Beat 1 – Fortland).

Beat 3

Beat 3 is the last of the double bank fishing at Fortland as Beat 4 is single bank. This beat has 7 main pools, most of which are relatively shallow and good for the flies.

Beat 4

This beat has about 3/4 of a mile of single bank fishing, on the west bank. It has 4 main pools with lots of nice streamy water. The 2 deep pools below a waterfall are primarily bait pools. The remaining water is all nice fly water.

River Easkey Hanleys Falls
Hanleys Falls on Beat 4 of the Easkey’s Fortland Fishery.

The Upper River

This area consists of about 8 to 9 miles of fishing, starting upstream of the Workhouse Bridge and extending right up to Lough Easkey. There is lots of nice fly water in this part of the river, just waiting to be explored.

River Easkey Tributaries

No River Easkey tributaries listed.

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