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River Moy Clubs

Attymass Angling Association – River Moy
c/o Padraic Garret
Attymass, Ballina
Tel: +353 (0)94 58151

The club waters are situated 2.5 miles from Ballina on the east bank of the River Moy. The fishery consists of approximately 2.5 miles of single bank fishing and is divided up into three distinct sections including three famous Moy pools: Padden’s Pool, the Wood Pool and Cunningham’s Pool.

East Mayo Anglers – River Moy
Ms. Linda Philips
The East Mayo Anglers Association Offices, Market Sreet
Tel: +353 (0)94 925 3955
Web: East Mayo Anglers

The club leases approximately 8 miles of double bank fishing, which extends from approximately one mile upstream of the confluence with the Cross river to the confluence with the Killeen river on the left bank and from a point approximately a mile and a half downstream of Ballylahan bridge to on the right bank.

Foxford Salmon Anglers – River Moy
Michael Tiernan
Tel: +353 (0)94 56731

The club waters consists of double bank fishing from Foxford bridge upstream for about 1 mile and adjoining the Cloongee fishery ½ a mile north of the confluence with the Cross river.

Knockmore Angling Club – River Moy
Mr. Martin Kelly
Tel: +353 (0)94 58287

The club operate two separate stretches on the west bank of the River, three miles north of Foxford just off the N26. Both beats are little more than one mile apart and are adjoined by private fisheries on either ends.


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