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River Gweebarra Guide

The River Gweebarra flows out in Lough Barra, between the Derryveagh and Glendowan mountains, and makes its way to the South East where it empties into Gweebarra Bay, near Doochary. The estuary is about 10 miles in length.

The Gweebarra is a medium sized river with lots of beautiful streamy water, perfect for the fly. It’s about 20 miles long in total and it has been divided up into 6 beats, by the Northern Region Fisheries Board (NRFB).

River Gweebarra Beat 4
The Gweebarra between the falls to the Mayo Pool.
This is a beautiful river, set in some of the most splendid scenery in all of Ireland. The famous Mayo pool lies just a mile above Doochary at the confluence of the Cloghernagore River. Upstream of this is the Falls Pool, which is also very well known on the River.

River Gweebarra Falls
The falls on the Gweebarra River.
The Gweebarra has a good run of late spring fish at the end of April and through part of May. The Grilse run begins at the end of June, through July. The River also gets some bigger Summer Salmon from August until the end of the season.

Sea trout come in on the tides from July and are taken all along the estuary and from the pools above and below Doochary.

River Gweebarra in the evening
Some nice streamy water in the fading light.
The season on the Gweebarra is divided into two parts. The spring salmon season runs from the 1st of April until the 16th of June, followed by the Grilse season, which runs from the 17th of June until the end of the season on the 30th of September.

River Gweebarra Beat 1

Beat 1 is the first one of the upper river from Lough Barra downstream to the confluence with the Croagheen River.

River Gweebarra Fisherman
Fishing the Gweebarra.

River Gweebarra Beat 2

This beat runs from the Croagheen River confluence down to Duffy’s Pool.

River Gweebarra Beat 3

Beat 3 stretches from Duffy’s Pool to above the falls.

River Gweebarra Beat 4

River Gweebarra Beat 4
The River Gweebarra.
From the falls to the bottom of the Mayo pool below the confluence with the Cloghernagore River.

River Gweebarra Beat 5

Beat 5 runs from the bottom of the Mayo pool to the footbridge.

River Gweebarra Fishy
Fishy looking pool on the Gweebarra.

River Gweebarra Beat 6

The last beat stretches from the footbridge to below the bridge at Doochary.

River Gweebarra Tributaries

River Cloghernagore

River Gweebarra Neighbouring Rivers

River Clady
River Crolly (Gweedore)
River Finn
River Owenea
River Owennamarve
River Owentocker
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River Reelan


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