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Wilkinson Shrimp Description

The Wilkinson Shrimp salmon fly is a personal favourite. It’s especially good in clear water and in bright conditions. You can also use Silver Lite Brite or Angel Hair for the body of the Wilkinson Shrimp. Albert Atkins (inventor of the Apache Shrimp) also ties his with Orange bucktail for the tail instead of the Golden pheasant Red breast feather, and adds in a few strands flash for good measure.

Wilkinson Shrimp

Wilkinson Shrimp Pattern

Hook: Esmond Drury
Thread: Black
Tag: Oval Silver tinsel
Tail: Golden pheasant Red breast feather
Rear Body: Embossed Silver tinsel
Rear Body Rib: Fine Oval Silver
Mid Hackle: Magenta cock saddle
Front Body: Embossed Silver tinsel
Front Body Rib: Fine Oval Silver
Wings: Jungle cock roofed
Front Hackle: Kingfisher or Silver Doctor Blue cock saddle
Head: Red


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