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Maggies Shrimp Description

Maggies Shrimp salmon fly is another great fly for spring fish. It’s not a traditional shrimp pattern in that has a hair wing and it doesn’t have a middle hackle. The Maggies Shrimp is from the same family as the Park Shrimp.


Maggies Shrimp Pattern

Hook: Esmond Drury
Thread: Black
Tag: Oval Silver tinsel
Tail: Yellow Arctic Runner, 4 strands of Pearl Angel Hair, Black Arctic Runner, Holo Silver Angel Hair, Yellow Arctic Runner over
Rear Body: Holographic Silver Lite Brite
Rear Body Rib: Flat Silver tinsel
Mid Hackle: MidHackle
Front Body: Black seal’s fur
Front Body Rib: Flat Silver tinsel
Wings: Black fox and Holographic Silver Angel Hair. Jungle cock roofed.
Front Hackle: Yellow cock saddle
Head: Red


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