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Grilse Fly Description

The Grilse Fly is another one of Joe Mac Donald’s (of Omagh) new creations. It’s a great fly for Grilse in summer water. The Grilse Fly came before the Golden Grilse and in many ways as been superceeded by it.


Grilse Fly Pattern

Hook: Silver Salar
Thread: Black
Tag: Fluorescent Green floss
Tail: Yellow and Orange squirrel with 3 or 4 strands of Pearl Krystal flash
Rear Body: Silver holographic tinsel
Rear Body Rib: Silver Oval tinsel
Front Body: Silver holographic tinsel
Front Body Rib: Silver Oval tinsel
Wings: Yellow squirrel with Orange squirrel over and Pearl flashabou, with Purple arctic runner over everything
Front Hackle: Yellow cock with Purple cock saddle over
Head: Black

Grilse Fly Tying Instructions

Brendan Garland (aka Tailfire) demonstrates how to tie the Grilse Fly (in 2 parts)

Grilse Fly Part 1

Grilse Fly Part 2


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