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Thunder & Lightening Description

The Thunder & Lightening salmon fly is at its best just before dusk. The Thunder & Lightening is a good all rounder, taking both spring fish and Grilse.

Thunder & Lightening

Thunder & Lightening Pattern

Hook: Esmond Drury
Thread: Thread
Tag: A few turns of Oval Silver tinsel with a few more turns of Orange floss (2 times as much floss as tinsel).
Tail: Golden Pheasant topping with Black Ostrich butt
Rear Body: Black floss
Rear Body Rib: Oval Gold tinsel
Front Body: Black floss
Front Body Rib: Oval Gold tinsel
Throat: Blue Jay or dyed Blue Guinea Fowl
Wings: Bronze Mallard
Cheeks: Jungle Cock
Front Hackle: Orange from the second turn of the rib from the rear, to the front.
Head: Black


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