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Apache Shrimp Description

The Apache Shrimp salmon fly was created by Garvagh fly dresser Albert Aktins. Albert owns and runs a tackle shop in the town and is well known right across the country. Albert had been fishing the Apache Shrimp with great success for a while before he unleased it on the Irish fishing population. The Apache Shrimp has been a firm favourite ever since.

Apache Shrimp

Apache Shrimp Pattern

Hook: Esmond Drury
Thread: Red, White or Yellow
Tag: Flat or oval Silver tinsel
Tail: Golden pheasant Red breast feather
Rear Body: Golden Yellow floss
Rear Body Rib: Oval Silver tinsel
Mid Hackle: Golden Yellow cock saddle or hen
Front Body: Scarlet floss
Front Body Rib: Oval Silver tinsel
Front Hackle: Scarley cock saddle or hen
Head: Black


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