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Claret Shrimp Description

The Claret Shrimp salmon fly comes into its own in darkish coloured water, especially on a showery day, with bright spells. The body of the Claret Shrimp is seals fur rather than floss.


Claret Shrimp Pattern

Hook: Esmond Drury
Thread: Red
Tag: Flat or oval Gold tinsel
Tail: Golden pheasant Red breast feather
Rear Body: Light or medium Claret seal’s fur
Rear Body Rib: Oval Gold tinsel
Mid Hackle: Rich Claret cock saddle
Front Body: Dark Claret seal’s fur
Front Body Rib: Fine oval Gold tinsel
Cheeks: Jungle cock (small)
Front Hackle: Two turns of Hot Orange cock saddle or hen, and two turns of Badger above
Head: Black


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