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Eany Tailfire Shrimp Description

The Eany Tailfire Shrimp salmon fly is one of a new generation of Irish Salmon flies, which is a mixture of shrimp and cascade (long tail) patterns. This one was created by John Mc Laughlin from Donegal. There is also a light version of the Eany Tailfire Shrimp, where the front Badger hackle in front is dyed Yellow.


Eany Tailfire Shrimp Pattern

Hook: Salar
Thread: White, Black
Tag: Fluroescent Green floss
Tail: Orange bucktail, Gold Krystal Hair and Orange Artic Fox
Rear Body: Holographic Gold tinsel
Rear Body Rib: Oval Gold tinsel
Mid Hackle: Hot Orange cock saddle
Front Body: Black floss
Front Body Rib: Oval Silver tinsel
Wings: Pearl angel hair and Black temple dog
Front Hackle: Badger
Head: Black

Eany Tailfire Shrimp Tying Instructions

Brendan Garland (aka Tailfire) demonstrates how to tie the Eany Tailfire Shrimp (in 2 parts)

Eany Tailfire Shrimp Part 1

Eany Tailfire Shrimp Part 2


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