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McCormacks Shrimp Description

The Mc Cormacks Shrimp salmon fly is a very popular fly on the Easkey (Co. Sligo). It takes fish all season long. The Mc Cormacks Shrimp may not one of the best known of the shrimp patterns but well worth a throw.

McCormacks Shrimp


McCormacks Shrimp Pattern

Hook: Esmond Drury
Thread: Black
Tag: Tag
Tail: Claret bucktail over Gold krystal hair over Claret bucktail. A long Claret chinese cock hackle (or Claret dyed golden pheasant breast feather) is then wound round the bucktail
Rear Body: Claret floss
Rear Body Rib: Oval Gold tinsel
Mid Hackle: Long Claret chinese hackle tied sloping back
Front Body: Claret floss
Front Body Rib: Oval Gold tinsel
Wings: Jungle cock roofed
Front Hackle: Hot Orange
Head: Black

McCormacks Shrimp Tying Instructions

Brendan Garland (aka Tailfire) demonstrates how to tie the Mc Cormacks Shrimp (in 2 parts)

Mc Cormacks Shrimp Part 1

Mc Cormacks Shrimp Part 2


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