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River Roe Guide

The River Roe rises on the North Eastern side of the Sperrin Mountains, in the heart of County Derry. It flows in a Northerly direction past Dungiven, on its way into the picturesque Roe valley, and on through Limavady, to enter the Foyle Estuary on the north eastern corner of the Foyle Area.

River Roe Fisherman
Fishing a nice pool on the River Roe.
The Roe is a spate river which varies in width from 5m in the upper reaches, to as wide as 20m, further downstream towards the Foyle estuary. Most of the upper and middle stretches of the Roe consist of a never-ending series of pools and streams, perfect for the fly. Since the draft nets at the mouth, were bought out by the Roe Angling association, Salmon and Sea Trout can be taken as far up as Benady Glen (just South of Dungiven).

River Roe near Roe Valley Country Park
The Roe near Roe Valley Country Park.
The first of the Grilse appear in July and the River also gets a very good run of autumn fish in late September and early October. The fish range from 3 to 6lb with some double figure Salmon being taken at times. In full spate many anglers use worms and spinning (Flying C’s and Copper spoons), but as the spate fines down, the fly is most popular.

The area around Roe Valley Country Park near Limavady is one of outstanding natural beauty. In the park there is a footbridge just upstream of Givan’s Weir, which gives good access to the river on both sides. There are forest walks provided throughout the park, but in the stretch which flows through a steep gorge, access is a little more difficult. The fishing in the Park is split between DCAL and the Roe Angling Association. DCAL have the stretch from the Dogleap bridge (beside the Dogleap Centre and Ritter’s tea room), extending downstream until the to the second footbridge, which is just below O’Cahan’s weir.

River Roe at Carrick Mills
The Roe at Carrick Mills near Limavady (Photo by Kenneth Allen)
As with many of the Rivers in the area, shrimp files are very popular. In fact, the originator of the Curry’s Shrimp (Pat Curry) has been an angler on the Roe on many occasions. Other popular shrimps here are the Wilkinson’s, the Bann Special and the Apache shrimp.

As a visiting angler you’ll need to fish the river by the end of September, as there are no day tickets available in October. Towards the tail end of September the upper part of the river is better, in areas such as the Carrick Flats, The Rock Hole, The Straw and other pools around Burnfoot.

River Roe Fish Counter
The Fish Counter on the River Roe.
The Sea Trout also begin running in July and the average size is around 1½ to 2lbs. You can use worms and spinning during the day but its fly only at night. The best of the Sea Trout fishing is during July and August.

River Roe Tributaries

No River Roe tributaries listed.

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